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Tara Healing Tibetan Incense

Tara Healing Tibetan Incense

20 sticks in a packet

Tara (meaning ‘Star’) is a Tibetan deity often referred to as the ‘Mother of Liberation’ the goddess of Compassion, ‘The one who saves’.

She is the meditation deity to develop certain inner qualities, learn and develop secret Buddhist inner teachings/understandings such as ‘Karuna’ (Compassion) ‘Metta’ (loving Kindness) ‘Shunyata ‘(True nature/Emptiness).

Tara is also the goddess that connects you with your feminine energy, creation, and the moon cycles.

Tara Healing Incense’ blend which is centuries old, was traditionally used for stress, depression and tension. It is prepared by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical systems and composed of 31 natural herbs. 

HOW TO USE: Light the incense in a holder to infuse this energy into spaces or before rituals and meditations for purification and to connect with inner wisdom and teachings from Tara.