Self Doubt Healing Meditation with the Angels on Zoom.

DATE: Monday 4th May 2020

TIME: 7.30pm-8.30pm

PLACE: ONLINE via Zoom Webinar

INVESTMENT: $10.00 once you pay for your ticket you will be sent the login details and password for the private Zoom Call . It will be sent to the email used at the checkout.

Rachael White -Spiritual Coach & Angel Intuitive Therapist the Founder of Soulscented will host a Self Doubt Healing Meditation with the Angels.

Self doubt can prevent you from accessing amazing opportunities in life. The Archangels are loving spiritual guides that can support the healing of self doubt to open you up to the courageous and fearless pursuit of all that you desire.

Join Rachael White for a Self Doubt healing meditation whereby Rachael will connect the group with the healing of the Archangels to bring through energy healing and support. The commencement of the meditation will also include a protection ritual and conversation with attendees.

MORE INFORMATION: Set up your space at home with a relaxing vibe. Diffuse your archangel aromatherapy, sage your space, sit in a chair with a rug, or on floor with yoga mat whatever you desire. Light candles and make a quiet space for you to do the meditation.