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Haunted Home


Energy Clearing of your home and business and clearing hauntings can positively change your life. As we go about our lives energies can impact us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and we may not even be aware of it.

Each time we think and speak, we are creating energy. Our negative thoughts and emotions are projected and can manifest as negative energy mass within and around us. The people around us can also be responsible for the energy in and around us, so it is important to clear the energy and heal the space where you live your life.

Our homes and workplaces can become filled with negative energy and entities. Our energetic environment can house spiritual entities from present and past lives that have remained earth bound in the spaces where we live, work and play. Our buildings the land all have history and the energy of this history can also be impacting occupants.

Entities that have yet to be passed over to the light can vibrate at a lower energetic frequency. So, co-existing within this negative energy can have a negative effect on you and your loved ones, contributing to illnesses such anxiety, depression, panic attacks, feelings of mistrust, nightmares (especially common with children) and sleeping issues to physical ailments, clumsiness, arguing and fighting and much more. 

Having an issue in your home or workspace with energy or entities can be a very confronting time. Especially if you or your loved ones are impacted. It can be confusing, confronting and we can feel vulnerable. We are with you every step of the way. Space clearing and healing is a positive, healing, loving and compassionate process of healing you, your space and the souls that are lost in your space. 


If you suspect you have an issue with energy or entities in your space or affecting your business, your home or the people you live with we can perform a Space clearing and Energy Healing on the space and your family. This process is performed remotely/by distance using mediumship in meditation. This means we don't need to attend the home as the clearing is done via a mediumship meditation whereby I soul/spirit travel to your space with the Archangels. I use my psycho-spiritual therapy by talking with the energies to guide them to the light and bring healing to the space and family.

You will be required to send photos of your space via email. All space clearings and healing are completed with the Archangels and spiritual guides in a lovingly, compassionate way. 

Sessions are conducted with clients across the world. This is a heavily booked service so please contact us for wait times.

The process is a three part process: 

1. Introductory Consultation Consultation

2. Space/Energy Clearing & Healing Home/Business

3. Debrief Consultation 

We can have a discussion via phone, Skype and FaceTime to understand the issues.

1. Introductory Session

This is a once off charge of $130 for 45 mins. No obligation consultation. This allows me to determine your needs and tune into the space to get some preliminary feeling and provide a quote. 


2. Space Healing/Clearing 

The process of healing and clearing a space is done remotely/distance. The amount of time this process takes is on a case by case basis depending on the size of residential / commercial properties. On average a space clearing takes one to two weeks.

3. Debrief

At the completion of the space healing and clearing. We will book in another consultation to debrief you on what was cleared, provide you with loving guidance and support from your angels for the ongoing healing of the space and tools that support you to maintain a high vibrational space. We will also prescribe for you archangel aromatherapy prescriptions to be diffused into the space to clear, heal and raise the vibration for the space to restore peace, harmony and loving environment. The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions not only clear energy but also invite the Archangels to come into the space and work with you and the energy for clearing and healing the space.

COST: Case by Case. To discuss a quote for premises please book an Introductory Consultation. 

Please contact us on 03 98150659 or email the contact form below. This service can have a long waitlist. We recommend making contact before booking online.