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Esoteric Wisdom Natural Perfume Mist

Esoteric Wisdom 50ml Natural Perfume Mist

No.11 Esoteric Wisdom by Archangel Raziel


Archangel Raziel is a wise soul and an all-knowing and teaching archangel of esoteric wisdom. I liken him to Gandolf in Lord of the Rings. He is the overseer of the Akashic records where each soul’s past, present, and future is recorded, and he supports you to review past lives for healing to release blocks, phobias, and fears and bring forth your talents for the continued evolution of the soul.

He assists in unlocking our innate clairvoyance and spiritual development to awaken to our spiritual gifts as we work consciously to live a spiritually guided life. He is a wise consult for spiritual development.

Main areas of assistance: Esoteric wisdom, spirituality, signs, dreams, spirit guides, spiritual awakening, clairvoyance, consciousness, past lives

Ingredients: Rose, cardamom, may chang, patchouli, plus Archangel Raziel’s love vibration

How to use:

Perfume mist is misted around the body and aura as well as in your space, especially if you are not able to diffuse oil. The mist is great for travelling, as it keeps your aura clear as you navigate the energy of others. You can mist the body before a yoga session to invoke your archangel and clear energy. The mist is also an excellent tool for healing and wellness practitioners to use after a client session for clearing their energy and that of the space they have been in.

Benefits: Natural Perfume Mist clears the energetic body and the aura and attracts high-vibrational energy.

Use: Mist around body, aura, and space.