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Our Egyptian Priestess Head Massage & upper body massage Is paired with a speciality blended of ancient egyptian aromatics to stimulate life force. Our Egyptian Priestess massage ritual uses Egyptian Geranium as the hero aromatic blended in a secret formulation. The oil is applied to the hair and gently massaged into the scalp, upper body; back, shoulders and neck. This custom massage oil perfume blend uses aromatics once used in ancient Egypt. The synergistic combination of aromatics and oils work deeply into your energy via the crown chakra to stimulate life force flow into the body.

Our Egyptian perfume oil blend infusion nourishes the scalp, hair and minor head chakras. You will move into a deep state of relaxation as your head massage and upper body relieves stress, tension and insomnia. 

Includes: Anoint & Purify Foot Ritual + Aromatherapy Massage-Head +Upper Body-Back-Shoulders-Neck