Create your Vision 2021

Back by popular demand Rachael will host the :



Creating your Vision for 2021

with Rachael White

WEDNESDAY 16th DECEMBER 2020 6.30pm - 8.30pm


Back by popular demand.

My annual Create your Vision Workshop is an interactive two hour workshop in an online group environment.

We will come together crafting your VIsion for 2021 to support you to manifest all your dreams and desires.

2020 has been extremely challenging for many. The positive side is that our challengers prepare us for prosperity and allow us to look for opportunities to change and experience deep healings and learnings.

These are the things that are born out of hardship.

2021 is for creativity, innovation and growth.

It is now time to create your personal and professional Vision

In this workshop we will:

CONNECT- to higher consciousness of the angels for guidance.

EXPLORE - dive deep, soul search & explore blocks to manifesting.

CREATE- your Vision

COMMIT- to your Vision

RITUAL- to super charge manifestations.

This powerful process will allow you to walk away with the strength, courage, wisdom, and direction to support your 2021 Vision to manifest into reality.

A credit of $40 off a Spiritual Coaching Session with Rachael White.



Once you have purchased your ticket you will be sent a Zoom link.

Please note that a recording of this event will not be provided post event.

This is an interactive event so all participants will need to have the camera and microphones switched on for the duration of the two hour workshop. We ask for no distractions as other participants have paid to be apart of the event.

Please find a nice quiet space, & have your Archangel Aromatherapy diffusing.

Please have with you pen and paper for the workshop tasks.