Creating your Vision for 2020

Back by popular demand Rachael will host the :


Creating your Vision for 2020

This workshop is an interactive two hour session in a group environment. This workshop will be hosted online. You will dial into a community workshop and you will be part of a group that can interact with each other . We will spend the afternoon together online crafting your VIsion for 2020 to manifest all your dreams and desires.

2019 was a significant year of self reflection and healing for many. It has also been extremely challenging for many. The positive side is that our challengers prepare us for prosperity and allow us to look for opportunities to change. experienced deep healings.

2020 is a new decade of creativity, innovation and growth.

It is now time to create your Vision both personal and professional.

This workshop is held during the week of the New Moon on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020 ready for you to manifest on the New Moon arriving on 29th February 2020.

In this workshop we will:

Connect- Tap into higher consciousness for guidance.

Explore - Dive deep into some soul searching.

Create- Your Vision for 2020

Commit- To the Vision

Ritual- Use rituals to accelerate this process

This powerful process will allow you to walk away with the strength, courage, wisdom, direction and tools to support your 2020 vision to manifest into reality.

To register for this ONLINE Workshop please pay for your attendance and we will send you out the details to log in to join this online workshop.

DATE: Saturday 22nd February

TIME: 2pm-4pm ONLINE

COST: $77.00

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