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Communication Natural Perfume Mist 50ml

Communication Natural Perfume Mist 50ml by Archangel Gabriel

No. 3—Archangel Gabriel: Communication
Archangel Gabriel is female, and she reminds me of Joan of Ark. She is a very strong, supportive archangel with the ability to support you to speak your truth, find your voice, and be fearless in your approach to communicating with the world. She supports those in professions that communicate with world such as journalists, writers, and public speakers. She is also a crusader for parents, gently guiding them in their parenting efforts and those trying to conceive a child. She supports us as we tap into our vulnerability around creativity and as we heal our inner child.
Main areas of assistance: Support for clear communication, speaking up and truth, writers, journalists, speakers, teachers, enhancing creativity, healing inner child, conception and parenting.

Natural Perfume Mist

The perfume mist can be worn as you would wear the Natural Perfume Oil. It can be misted around the body and aura as well as in your space, especially if you are not able to diffuse oil. The mist is great for travelling, as it keeps your aura clear as you navigate the energy of others. You can mist the body before a yoga session to invoke your archangel and clear energy. The mist is also an excellent tool for healing and wellness practitioners to use after a client session for clearing their energy and that of the space they have been in.

Benefits: Natural Perfume Mist clears the energetic body and the aura and attracts high-vibrational energy.

Use: Mist around body, aura, and space.