Clear & Protect Essential Oil Concentrate 5ml

5ml Clear &Protect by Archangel Michael

No. 1—Archangel Michael: Clear and Protect
Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and life purpose. He is the closest archangel to the earth plane and is the ideal angel to begin working with if you are new to your spiritual path. If you are fearful, anxious, or depressed, you can call on him for assistance. He is a powerful spiritual protector who supports the eradication of fear and negative energy on the earth plane. He is usually depicted in spiritual texts with a sword of light that he uses to conquer the darkness. He supports each and every one of us as we tap into our life purposes and gain direction and focus in our lives. His guiding energy is loving and gentle but strong and focused. He is a powerful protector who will clear energy in and around you and help you stay on your path to discovering who you are as a spiritual soul. If ever you feel fearful physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Archangel Michael will shield you and protect you from negative energy and clear it away.
Main areas of assistance: Spiritual protection, physical protection, shielding, scared, dark thoughts, fear, worry, depression, withdrawn, suicide, panic attack, assertiveness, courage, self-esteem, self-awareness, intentions, fearless, negative energy, soul self, space clearing, nightmares, life purpose, spiritually new, negative energy (home and business), goals, psychic attack, ghosts, entities.

The Archangel Aromatherapy concentrates are pure essential oils in concentrated form, which means they have not been diluted with a base oil. It is not recommended that these oils be used directly on the skin due to the high concentration. These oils are designed to be diffused in a hot or cold diffuser or in hot water so you can breathe them in and they can gently make their way into the energetic body through inhalation.

Inhalation of essential oils allows for penetration into the limbic brain for deep and swift emotional support. They also interact with the aura and energetic body. The diffuser method fills the room or space with the angelic aroma. You can also add concentrates to your bath water.

Diffuse the oils in your room to ease emotional distress and to invoke angelic support. The diffused oils only clear energy within a space, they also completely dissipate a compounding of negative energy in a space to raise vibration to allow for high-vibrational energy to be attracted to a space.

These oils are wonderful when used in public spaces, wellness centres, spa and healing resorts and retreats, yoga studios, day spas, and spaces occupied by wellness and healing practitioners.

Benefits: Natural Essential Oil Concentrates invoke archangels, promote energy healing and clearing, enhance divine communication, promote high vibration, and uplift the mind, body, spirit, soul, and space.

Use: Inhalation, Oil burner, diffuser, vaporizer, bowl of hot water, or bath. Add five to eight drops to water in burner or diffuser. In cold air diffuser, use only the oil. /p>