Angeli Manus Perfume

Angeli Manus is Latin for Angels Hands.

 This very special perfume uses carefully selected certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils from distillers that have a passion for what they do. You can smell it in the quality of the essential oils. The Rose is from Bulgaria from a very special distiller friend. Of course, I used Rose as it is the flower of the Virgin Mary. Then I blended mandarin. I love the citrus of Italy. Mandarin has been cultivated in Italy since the 19th Century and symbolises Italy for me aromatically plus this is where I studied perfume. 

Lastly, I used Vetiver. Vetiver is rich, grounding and smokey keeping us planted firmly in our feet so we connect with the higher vibration of the angelic realm. It reminds us to stay present to allow yourself to be grounded and guided as I was in Florence. 

 The label of the perfume is the gold and teal colours of the ceiling in Santissima Annunziata. When I looked up at the ceiling I felt like I was glancing up into heaven, it was so beautiful. I wanted to recreate this and the ancient feeling of the church. I hope you enjoy my first perfume. This is dedicated to my family, friends, scent sisters, teacher and the angels who continue to guide me and all of us to connect to higher realms for love, light and into the hands of angels. c