SOULSCENTED is a spiritual day spa.

The moment you arrive at SOULSCENTED you will be aromatically transcended into a high vibration as the gentle wafts of aromas create a sacred space for spiritual healing of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

We are passionate about using aromatherapy and massage combined for a truly spiritual spa healing experience.

Our love is to be of service to you.

All massage rituals, aromatics aromatherapy perfumes are divinely inspired, channelled, drawing on the ancient wisdom of alchemists and spiritual healing techniques. This allows us to create an aromatic bridge to higher consciousness.

We have combined a powerful aromatic experience with an aromatherapy massage to gently touch the soul, while the oil’s spirit supports emotional and physical support. It also clears energy blockages shifting your vibration for deep healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

It's time to nurture yourself as you aromatically and energetically journey deep within your soul.

It’s time to be SOULSCENTED. 

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