Spiritual Coaching

Are you drawn to explore and discover your soul’s purpose, your relationship with yourself as a Soul and unleash your inner strength? 

Are you wanting to realise important personal, professional, spiritual and financial goals?
Or maybe it’s time for a complete life transformation exploring your spirituality and manifesting your best life? 

Do you feel like your Soul is unwell; your vibration and energy are compromised and you’re not living your best life from your higher self?

How do you feel? No really?
Do you tend to discount how you feel because you don’t understand what or why you feel the way you do?

Possibly you know you’re really intuitive, but you wish to the high heavens you could trust it.

Can I get a Hallelujah!

Maybe you have always wondered how you could access your intuition for spiritual guidance?

Would you like to trust your intuitive inner wisdom with confidence? 

What about use your intuition for insight into all aspects of your life including business, career and relationships? 
Would you like to explore your own personal spiritual support team of trusted spiritual guides such as angels that you can call on for anything at any time for help? Heavens yeah!

Over the the years clients that visit with me will often say they don’t “feel” like themselves, or they feel “blocked”, or they feel “something” is not right energetically.  

They can’t move forward even when they adopt a positive outlook they still can’t heal or manifest their deepest desires?
Does this sound like you?
Some clients tell me their energy feels low.
They will talk about people, places, and spaces around them and how they think energy is affecting them.
But they can’t be sure.
They will admit to being sensitive and not really feeling themselves.
They will say they feel drained or lacking in motivation.
But they don't want to be.

They see themselves as energy beings that are spiritually unwell but don't know where to begin.

Can you relate?
Many of us experience very real and confronting energetic experiences, and while we may not fully understand them, we nevertheless feel drawn to address them even though we can feel deeply vulnerable. This vulnerability is usually because we have no knowledge or understanding of how to explore our spiritual wellbeing.
It’s important to understand that we all can become very spiritually and energetically unwell and how this can impact our desire to be well physically, mentally and emotionally.
The soul is your higher self. True self. Authentic self. The essence of who you are as the best possible version of yourself.It is pure love, joy, happiness and truth. It is spiritual aspect of your humanness as it is the positive force of creation, your inner sanctum of peace, energy and spirituality through which you and all human beings’ channel divine guidance using intuition. If you are not feelings this way it's your Soul telling you your not well. The same way the body sends a pain message when the physical body is unwell.

You are a Spiritual Soul. Not just a body and mind.

What you feel really matters because you are so much more than just a physical piece of meat walking around expressing emotions on the earth thinking lots of thoughts.

Listen up beautiful soul!

We are all energetic beings as much as we are physical and mental beings. Energy can impact well-being physically, emotionally and in a very real way.

You may feel exhausted, mentally anxious & overwhelmed?

Maybe you are having such a challenging time and a run of bad luck where no matter what you do you can't’ catch a break?

Are you living in a haunted house and don’t know who on earth you can talk to  about it for fear that people will think think your crazy?

As spiritual souls we produce positive and negative energy. This impacts our vibration. We can get stuck in negative behaviour patterns and beliefs carried over from past lives that contribute to energetic wellbeing. Yes, we have all lived Past Lives and they can really dictate the narrative of your life.
What is also not understood and rarely acknowledged is how just how unwell you can become from unwanted spirit co-habiting in our space.
No one talks about this one at all. It's too Woo Woo. I do and its so not Woo Woo. 
Also, if you are the victim of a targeted energetic attack from though spiritual practices used against us such as cursings, psychic attack and hexing. Negative energy can be projected to another person and can be very intentional resulting in significant impact on life, career, relationships, business and our emotional, energetic and physical wellbeing.
Yep! The darkness is alive and well my friends and for many souls it can be infiltrating your life in ways that you may have not even considered. 

"I was referred to Rachael by a family member. Always sceptical of purveyors of mystic healing and magic remedies, I must say that I am very glad I made the contact. Rachael is genuine and definitely connected to the divine powers around us'


Welcome to the I AM a Soul Champion Coaching Program.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place.

Living a spiritually guided life is about taking responsibility for the energy in and around you. Learning to look after your spiritual wellness alongside your physical and emotional wellness holistically by honouring what you feel on an intuitive level is tuning into the soul as it communicates to you what is required to heal.

I can’t tell you how many times people have walked into my office, sat down, and said,

“I know this is going to sound weird, but ...”

Many of us experience very real and confronting energetic experiences, and while we may not fully understand them, we nevertheless need to address them as authentic spiritual issues.

"Rachael has asked me if I would write a testimonial. I do so happily and easily because quite simply, Rachael has changed my life. Both my husband and I went to see Rachael a few months ago, and it is regarding the effect on my husband that I would most like to write. To set up ... my husband is nearing 40; we have our dose of kids; 5 years ago he had his career of 15 years abruptly came to a halt (that he was really only vaguely interested in, so he’s been on a quest to find a new path); he’s fit and lovely and was mostly happy. Six months ago he starts getting panic attacks. Wake you up in the middle of the night, sweating bullets, squeeze the heart I’m going to die, full blown panic attacks. Out of nowhere. He falls into a hole, can’t work, barely functions. I organise a GP appointment, he gets some meds, gets a therapist, and manages to put one foot in front of the other. Therapy makes him panic. He hates going there. He hates analysing this panic. After a couple of months of living with this half man, I complain to my yoga teacher that personally, I am stuck. I can’t move forward with anything important to me. My kids are driving me nuts, constant fighting and complaining. And now, my husband has broken down. I was the cheerleader for the family, jollying everyone along, and I felt rain soaked, and a muddy one, at best. I complained that I had read every book, seen every type of therapist, and yet here I am, still stuck. My yoga teacher says ‘you should go see Rachael White’ (add that sentence to the list of reasons why I love my yoga teacher).So, after husband cancels his 3rd therapy session, I set up two appointments for us to see Rachael. I only know the gist of what went on in his session, and the one that followed a few weeks later. I know 100% that he left there a changed man. He told me he had never before felt so understood. Rachael found in him (and me) spirit attachments and worked at removing them. Immediately his anxiety lifted and he stopped taking sleeping pills. Sure he still has things to work through ... dreams to chase ... bravery to find ... but he has not had one panic attack since that first meeting. He is the best ‘him’ he has ever been. He is connected, spiritual and attentive to himself, me and our family like he has never been before. I personally have had two appointments with Rachael, many phone calls, and she has cleared our home of spirits .My whole world has changed since knowing her. My kids are happier and more settled. She has worked remotely on my eldest son for his stutter (by looking at his past lives) and the improvements are quite remarkable. For me, life is the best it has ever been. My family is the best we have ever been. And I know (know!) it is only going to get even better. I owe Rachael a great deal. A debt I know I can never repay in full."

Once we begin to accept that we are energetic beings as much as we are physical beings, we open the door to a profound opportunity to heal. There is nothing to be afraid of! This is an opportunity to become knowledgeable about how to live a spiritually guided life as an energetic human being.

When you see me as your Spiritual Coach I will firstly, want to discover what’s holding you back and how you feel, and gather insight into your situation. 


Often clients arrive at Spiritual Coaching not really knowing what they need but knowing they need some sort of guidance and support. This is absolutely fine and very normal.

This is why all sessions must begin with a 60 minute Introductory Session before moving into a Coaching Package.

As your personal spiritual coach, I support you to understand how to live a spiritually guided life that can help you to heal and go beyond healing to create a life you desire.

With my spiritual coaching l will support you harness the power of your higher self- Soul, access and maintain a very high vibrational energy and understanding of how to use it receive the guidance you need to heal, increase self-confidence, find life purpose, direction and take fearless action.

As a soul you have the power to cultivate an ongoing, personal relationship with spiritual guides and angels. With spiritual coaching you will learn how to call in and be spiritually guidance intuitively, heal, co- create with divine intervention to manifest a spiritually abundant life so you can authentically explore the best version of your soulful self

My I AM a Soul Champion coaching program reflects my extraordinary life- changing journey to heal my family and I want to share with you the knowledge and wisdom I gained when I opened up to living a spiritually- guided life and after three decades as a spiritual practitioner.

Oh and another thing. I am a natural perfumer and use aromatherapy and rituals to support the process of healing and transformation with my clients. I am completely in love with perfumes as your partner for healing. 

I use perfumes for aroma therapy. I want to take you high to heal!

My spiritual perfumes and my Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are a range of angelic perfumes that are prescribed as part of the coaching program. They are a prescription for daily application for emotional healing, also calling in in archangels for guidance and support manifesting and healing. At any moment, depending on the issue, emotion or spiritual goal requiring help your aroma therapy will be your tool for transformation.



Beautiful client feedback.....

“I feel the happiest and most balanced I’ve ever felt in my life. Love to you dear teacher."

“Thank you so much, what you have done has changed my life forever in such a positive way. You have an amazing gift, and you use it with so much LOVE, I feel so honoured to have been able to experience this with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

 “Thank you for your help with these rituals, they are very powerful. I have been disciplined in doing them since I came to see you in June 2013 and since then I have manifested a career change, husband and a baby boy on the way."

“Thank you for all your support moving through a transition to a life filled with love."



All Coaching Sessions are conducted via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Phone. No matter where you are located in the world you can schedule a session with me. I have been working with clients across the globe for almost two decades.


First things first. All Coaching programs begins with a 60 minute Introductory
session. In this session I will explore your situation and bring through guidance and support.  This session sets the foundation for moving into one of the coaching packages. However, there is no obligation to purchase a coaching package if you have the introductory session.

60mins- $180.00 inc gst



Below you will find the Soul, Life Purpose, Intuition, Manifestation, Healing, Relationships, Past Life Therapy, Perfume Therapy Coaching Packages

Each of these Coaching package contains three 60 minute consultations sessions and complimentary aromatherapy oils used during sessions:

  •  3 x 60min coaching sessions via Zoom, Phone, Skype or FaceTime.
  • 5ml Certified Organic Concentrate Archangel Aromatherapy Oil with each package purchased. (Valued at $40.00.this aromatherapy oil is to be used during each of the sessions.)

PACKAGES COST  $444 inc gst

After you have your Introductory Session I will recommend the best package for you and you can book in and pay for your sessions. We prefer that all sessions are paid in full at time of booking. However, if you need we can spread payment over the three sessions.



“Discover and unleash your inner strength.”
We focus on unlocking your Soul, finding out who you are, how you feel and getting in touch with your spirituality, discovering your spirituality and living and applying to your life.


“Your life has meaning and purpose. You are here to create and evolve not just exist and settle.

In the Life Purpose Package together we will focus on discovering your life purpose, what is holding you back and how to move forward with fearless action in the pursuit of your life purpose.



"You have within and around you access to spiritual guidance and knowledge of how to live with love, peace, healing and happiness."

In our Intuition Package I will support you to tune in and discover your intuition, how to access spiritual guidance, and trust and follow your guidance to be intuitively guided in all aspects of life, including career and business. You can live a spiritually guided life.


You are lovingly powerful with the ability to manifest blessings into your life.”
What do you deeply desire? What is holding you back?
I will focus on supporting you to access your power to co-create with divine intervention to manifest abundance to create a life you truly desire.



“Understanding our emotions, feelings and energy from a spiritual perspective can assist us to heal as we understand we can choose to align with the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of the higher self—the soul.”
Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are energy, and when we focus on and give energy to negative emotions, they manifest in the energetic body and block the flow of life-force energy, which can result in disease and illness within the physical body. Our unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our emotions and level of spiritual balance as well as by nutritional and environmental factors. These subtle energies influence cellular patterns of growth in both positive and negative directions. In these sessions we will explore your feelings, emotions, past life therapy and energy healing. 


“To operate at its most effective the soul needs to operate at its highest vibration. This is where aromatherapy is medicine for the soul.”
The soul is a vibration. This vibration affects the mind, body and spirit so all are working as one. Depending on your thoughts and moods your mind decides how the soul is vibrating. The soul is made to vibrate at higher frequencies however the thoughts of the mind and the limitations of the body affect how the soul vibrates.
Aromatics are not simply for physical remedies; they also affect our emotions and deeper levels of the human psyche. The use of aromatics to influence emotions is an ancient art.
By usings perfumes for aroma therapy we can cut through the mind, body, spirit. In these sessions we explore your emotions and feelings and develop a personalised aromatic prescription for healing.




You are a powerful energetic soul. Protect your energy & maintain the high vibrations of the Soul.
Energy is all around you in both thought forms and spirit energies. As we move through our lives, these energies can impact us, and we may not even be aware of it or understand. We can also be the victim of energetic attacks such as cursings and targeted attacks to our life. It’s important to understand that we all can become very spiritually and energetically unwell and how this can impact our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing but also impact our careers, businesses, relationships and achieving our life purpose. In these sessions we explore energetic experiences of spiritual healing issues and concerns.



"You have the opportunity in this life for further growth and healing by venturing momentarily into your past lives to release and heal whatever you have bought into this life." 


Returning to a past life can heal long-term unexplained fears, phobias, chronic conditions, physical ailments, and patterned experiences. It can also help you understand and heal relationships by helping you to recognize, break, and heal negative relationship patterns. Untreated residual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy from past-life events can significantly impact our present life relationships, careers, personal characteristics, and living space. It can hold us back from moving forward in our present lives. Returning to past lives will positively allow you to bring forth knowledge, wisdom, and talents gained in previous lives into this life to assist in the development of your life purpose. In our sessions we will explore your intentions for past life therapy, conduct a past life therapy session and provide follow up support and guidance.


  • At the completion of each package you may require revision or further exploration sessions in that particular package.
  • 60mins $180.00
  • 90mins $240.00


  • Firstly, even if you have had a session with my before you need to book an Introductory Session so she can explore your current situation
  • Once this is complete then she will refer you to which Coaching Package is for you
  • Please complete the form below with your details and I will be in contact to book in your session.
  • Complimentary oil will be posted Free of charge. This includes International clients.
  • All package prices include gst.
  • All package sessions must be used with a six months of purchase.
  • No Refunds