What a truly divine experience...I can not find the right words to articulate my joy and delight! The scent we created is everything and more; Ancient, sacred, comforting, fresh, sensual, uplifting..filled with divine sparkle.

Thank you Angel Rachael!


You now have the opportunity to own a customised natural perfume with healing capabilities… 

Rachael is a Spiritual Practitioner and Natural Perfumer

Perfumes have been used by human beings since the beginning of recorded history. The origins of perfume are divine and perfume was used in the sacred dimension of the healing arts for thousands of years.

Perfumes create the bridge to the divine and support healing as a valuable tool for transformation, transcending , descending and complete mind, body and spiritual healing.

As a natural perfumer Rachael works with individuals to explore the spiritual, emotional, mental aspects of each person and which fragrances resonate to create personalised custom signature perfume.

Rachael is passionate natural perfumer so  she only sources and uses the very best natural ingredients sourced from across the globe.

The process of making your own signature perfume is a divine aromatic experience allows us to explore a range of aromas to craft your own signature fragrance, name your perfume and label design.

This is a two -part process:  


The first session will be a ‘scentsational’ experience as you spend time with Rachael to explore a range of essential oils and other aromatics to determine your signature fragrance. Rachael will do a complete profiling of you emotionally, spiritually and aromatically. In this session you will begin to create your very own branded perfume with its own, label and signature fragrance. Samples are provided.

$400 - 2hrs


Reviewing samples of the custom perfume and making final adjustments and finalising fragrance, fragrance name and making adjustments to your signature perfume. Rachael then proceeds with final blending and formulating of your customised signature perfume with packaging and labelling for final presentation.

$400 - 1.5hrs

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