Perfume Therapy


Perfume therapy uses aroma therapy for spiritual healing

Ancient traditional use of perfume is documented throughout history. Our ancestors knew that aroma creates a high-vibrational channel through which the divine can connect. Perfumes creates an energetic pathway almost like a superhighway of high-vibrational frequency that operates at a fast rate. With fragrance, we basically clear the energetic way for the divine to tune into and for us to tune up. Fragrance alerts our spiritual guides that we are open and available, and it transmutes prayers and intentions on a super-fast track.

We all have unexplored human potential to heal and move beyond healing to co-create lives that are aligned with the soul’s purpose and puts you back in the soulful flow of abundance and prosperity.

We are multidimensional beings of light and energy that can bring in higher vibrational energy into the physical, emotional and energetic body for healing, and spiritual evolution of the soul with perfumes for aroma therapy.

Perfume Therapy involves a vibrational, emotional and aroma assessment over phone, Zoom or Facetime with Rachael. This allows Rachael to explore from a psycho-spiritual place what your healing desires are a detailed aroma profile.

After this session Rachael will create your custom perfume body oil blend for you aroma therapy and send it to you along with a spiritual practice to support you spiritual healing. 

2 hours $250 including the Perfume Body Oil 30ml and postage (excluding overseas clients postage as this is done on case by case basis dependant on location)

Rachael is qualified in aromatherapy and  a is a natural perfumer and creates a custom perfumes for psycho-spiritual healing and transformation. This is Perfume Therapy.

Rachael is committed to sourcing and using only pure, natural, certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils and ingredients for natural perfumery and aromatherapy. Natural fragrances are emitted by whole substances from whole living organisms; they're also imbued with life force energy. Only natural fragrances can restore health and make us whole.

To book in for a session with Rachael complete the contact form and we will be in contact to book you in.