Past Life Therapy

Viewing past lives is much more than a healing tool; it is a roadmap for the soul to follow as it goes on to achieve future greatness.


The soul is made up of the three elements: the body, the mind, and the spirit. This is why cellular memory is possible—but only so much as the soul cares to remember and bring forth.

The viewing of past lives is a technique for releasing the energy of the past that may be re-igniting emotional issues and negative subconscious patterns of behaviour. The soul has journeyed through many lifetimes. As the soul progresses from one lifetime to the next, it brings characteristics and attributes that have a great impact on the current life that we are often unaware of. These can be activated in the cellular memory by an event or experience in the present moment. Healing in the present moment can involve resolving the unfinished business of the past that continues to influence the present.

You have the opportunity in this life for further growth and healing by venturing momentarily into your past lives to release and heal whatever you have brought into this life.

Returning to a past life can heal long-term unexplained fears, phobias, chronic conditions, physical ailments, and patterned experiences.

It can also help you understand and heal relationships by helping you to recognise, break, and heal negative relationship patterns.

Untreated residual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy from past-life events can significantly impact our present life relationships, careers, personal characteristics, and living space.

It can hold us back from moving forward in our present lives. Returning to past lives will positively allow you to bring forth knowledge, wisdom, and talents gained in previous lives into this life to assist in the development of your life purpose.

Over the years myself and my husband have worked closely with the Archangels to devlop a Past Life Therapy. It all began when her husband was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. For over the past decade we have continued to work with the angels to refine the process and conduct Past Life Healing sessions with people across the globe.

Past Life Therapy Sessions are offered with Rachael.

Past Life Therapy sessions can be conducted by Zoom or remote/distant healing. For remote/distant healing the client does not need to be present. Permission is provided for Rachael to regress into the clients Past Life durg a meditation. Afterwards Rachael will then debrief the client on what was experienced and healed. 

How do we get started?


Every client starts with an Introductory Session.

60 mins $180

The introductory session is designed to bring you spiritually guided insight into your situation. A spiritually guided fresh perspective will allow me to create options for you to move forward.

By the end of this session, if you feel you wish to proceed with a Past Life Therapy session you can book into the Past Life Therapy Coaching Package.

In the intro session together we can determine if you in fact need a Past Life and if you do you can purchase the Past Life Therapy Coaching package

Please note all sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Please contact us to book in your Introductory Session.