Divine Awakening Facial Massage


The Divine Awakening Aromatherapy Facial Massage is a luxurious third-eye-of-the-soul activation ritual. Divine Awakening is an very special blend of essential oils using rare, precious, high-vibrational rose oil in a blend with juniper and bergamot. Rachael White the Founder of SOULSCENTED was guided on the formulation of this blend by Archangel Michael many years ago when she first started her healing practice.

Divine Awakening is gently massaged into the upper facial area touching on the areas of interconnection between body and spirit for purification, relaxation and energy healing allowing a gentle infusion of energy to shift you into a high vibration for divine awakening of the soul.

INCLUDES:  Anoint & Purify Foot Ritual + Divine Awakening Facial massage

60mins    $110