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Angel Card Readings

At Soulscented we offer our clients the opportunity to to explore spiritual guidance with the Archangels using our Angel Cards and Archangel Aromatherapy

When you book an Angel Card Reading at Soulscented your reading will be conducted by our Angel Intuitive Therapist. The Angel Intuitive Therapist will bring through messages of love, guidance and healing from your angels to you. 


Archangels comprise of one of the nine choirs of angels. Archangels are the chief messengers from God, Source, Creator, or Universe— whomever you spiritually align with. The oversee the guardian angels. They are non-denominational, which means they are not aligned with any particular religion, although they have been written about in spiritual texts of many of the world’s religions. Therefore, archangels work with people of all beliefs and paths. In truth, they will work with anyone who calls on them—always and forever.

Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings. Each archangel has a special area of focus to support us to heal, create, and transform our lives. Think of archangels as diamonds—multifaceted and multidimensional beings who can help billions of people individually but at the same time. Archangels are light bearers shining divine light and energy onto the earth as they guide and help each and every one of us on the earth plane to live a happy and peaceful life. They are part of the heavenly spirit realm and are standing by ready and waiting to help each and every one of us.


Angel Card readings are similar to psychic readings except we work directly with the Archangels from the angelic realm and your spirit guides.Your therapist will select a series of Archangel Oracle Cards to bring through an intuitively guided message to you from the angels. During an angel card reading your Angel Intuitive Therapist will communicate with the Archangels to channel through messages that you most need to hear at this time.

Angels can help you with any part of your life including health, romance, career, finances, business or life direction. Angel Readings are a wonderful way to connect with the Archangels for divine guidance to receive clear messages, advice, guidance and healing about anything of concern in your life.

Your Angel Healing Therapist uses a combination of Archangel Oracle Cards and Archangel Aromatherapy to draw a series of cards. By using the Archangel Aromatherapy we are using the fragrant perfume of the Archangels and this allows your therapist to create a high vibrational channel for divinely guided angelic messages all aspects of your life. The Archangel Aromatherapy creates a fragrant bridge of protection and connection to the Archangels to bring forth divinely guided messages.

When we use the card’s we safely make contact with the Archangels to channel messages that provide inspiration, interpretation and/or revelation of divine will and knowledge from the Archangels. These messages are always loving, truthful and joyous. They are never fearful or negative.

Angel Intuitive Therapists are representative of the divine and as such make a commitment to act as a channel. Consulting with the Archangel Oracle Cards brings forth an guidance about the future and answers to your questions. Angelic guidance provides comfort, support, insight and healing for many situations in our lives. Being spiritually guided by the angels an be the greatest gift of support during really challenging times, when we are making changes and really joyous times. Anytime at all, really. Allowing time to tune in and be spiritually guided by angels for yourself and others is positive, supportive for spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Angels are loving guide’s. So, no matter who you are, Angels are available to come and be with you at all times and stay with you and guide you.