Self Love Podcast Interview with Rachael White

by Rachael White February 08, 2020

Rachael White interview with Bel Crawford Self Love Club on Spiritual Protection as a daily practice.

I was so blessed to be interviewed by Bel Crawford the Founder of the Self Love Club Podcast. Bel reached out to me to do the interview and as it turns out we had met before. She had been a client of mine many years ago. I was so thrilled to not only see her but she would be the first journalist to interview me on a Podcast. What a blessing that would be.

In this interview we laugh, cry and reflect on many things from depression, spiritual protection using and trusting your intuition and so much more. 


We’re so lucky to have Rachael share her story and practical advice on how we can tap in our intuition and work with the angels and our guides on The Self-Love Club Podcast.

Rachael White is a Spiritual Coach and Wellness Expert who started her career in the corporate world. 

After a health crisis in her family Rachael started trusting and working with her clairvoyant side and the angels in order to help others live their best lives.
Rachael studied psychology and is qualified in aromatherapy making her own products with the archangels.

Find Rachael: @rachaelwhite88 and @soulscentedapothecaryspa on Instagram

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Thanks to for getting us to Melbourne to record this episode



Rachael White
Rachael White


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