Self Love Club-Self Care Series Energy Protection

by Rachael White August 17, 2020

Self Love Club-Self Care Series Energy Protection

I am so happy to have been interviewed by Bel Crawford for the Self Care Series of the Self Love Club Podcast

In this Podcast I share my Spiritual and Energy Protection Ritual from my book I AM a Soul Champion; How to live a spiritually guided live through, Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy.

SELF-CARE SERIES: Energy Protection

Welcome to a new feature on The Self-Love Club Podcast!
This is The Self-Care Series.
While we talk about self-care practices within each episode I’m rolling The Self-Care Series where we focus on an exercise or ritual which you can then use regularly.

First up: This is an Energy and Spiritual Protection Exercise with Spiritual Coach and Wellness Expert Rachael White.
We’ve been so lucky to have Rachael on The Self-Love Club before and I asked if she would kindly share her Spiritual Energy Protection Ritual she’s created.

The is a quick episode you can refer to and use every morning or whenever you like.
I find it really helpful in grounding me for the day ahead.
If you're listening on repeat skip to 10.45 for the exercise

Find Rachael: @soulscentedapothecary on Instagram

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Rachael White
Rachael White


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