Emotional Healing: Full Moon Ritual with the Archangels

by Rachael White October 01, 2020

Emotional Healing: Full Moon Ritual with the Archangels

Are are feeling emotionally triggered?

Extra sensitive?

Highly emotional?

It might just be the Full Moon

Did you know that he week leading up to the full moon is a highly emotional time and might just be be a bit rocky for some.

The reason for this is, as the full moon blooms it draws to the surface underlying emotional healing, traumas, pain, beliefs and behaviors that need healing and dealing with.

So, you might just find that, during the week leading up to the full moon your highly emotional and triggered as  issues rise to the surface.

You may also experience a bit of conflict and irritability with others.

The Full Moon rising can also trigger friction in your relationships particularly if their are issues that have been swept under the carpet or that you are in denial about.

This is why Full Moon energy healing can feel intense and strong. There is nowhere to hide. All is surfacing for releasing.

Try to be gentle with your good self and others during this time knowing that everything is coming up for a good reason. Healing! 

If you try to deny, hide, suppress, push away, your healing the Full Moon will continue to draw emotional healing right up to the surface of your conscious awareness.

You can run but you can't hide my friends. 

Whilst this can be confronting it is also very opportunistic.

A Full Moon Ritual is a process of allowing you to identify your healing, and with the deepest of intentions energetically release all that no longer serves you.

This can be emotions, relationships, people, addictions—just about anything that is holding us back or down that is come up for you.

The good news is the more you heal and surrender what no longer serves you the more space you make to manifest all you desire on the New Moon.

Many moons ago the Archangels taught me this wonderful Full Moon Ritual that I have taught many of my clients and published in my book.

So shen the Full Moon blooms you can do this beautiful Ritual which involves the invocation of the Archangels.

My Full Moon Ritual also involves using the Archangel Aromatherapy to really accelerate the healing. 

The Archangel Aromatherapy helps to clear residual energy in the aura and penetrate deep into the body and mind as you inhale the divine aromas. They will also fast track your spiritual connection as you align with the high vibration of archangels. The Archangel Aromatherapy is not essential of the Full Moon Ritual however it does create a high vibrational aromatic bridge and channel and raises the vibration of you, your space and allows intentions to move at high speed.

If you don't have any of my Archangel Aromatherapy its not problem this ritual will still work. 

I wanted to share with you an extract of the Full Moon Ritual extracted from my book I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy. 



  1. Spiritual Protection: Ensure your energy is protected, grounded and shielded before you begin your ritual to ensure you are tuning into angelic energy. This ritual is also in my book however if you dont have my book you will find it here on the blog SPIRITUAL PROTECTION RITUAL  For the Full Ritual you can also purchase my book I AM a Soul Champion
  2. Create a sacred space: Diffuse your Archangel Aromatherapy the No.1 Clear & Protect Essential Oil Blend by Archangel Michael can be used in your diffuser. A couple of drops in your diffuser and let it diffuse into your home or business to clear the energy and raise the vibration. You can also use White Sage and Palo Santo smudging rituals to clear the energy and raise vibration.  

  3. Be grateful. Think about all the wonderful things in your life, and spend a moment being grateful for what you do have.

  4. Write out your intentions. List all the intentions you wish to release and purge from your life. Under a full moon, we release anything that no longer serves us. By diffusing the Archangel Aromatherapy Natural Essential Oils of the Archangels while you are writing out your intentions during the ritual, you enable the fast tracking your intentions. 

  5. Visualize your intentions. As you write each one, sit back and close your eyes and visualize what your life would be like with the released intention gone. 

  6. Release intentions: Release your intentions to your angels by burning your list or submerging it in water or ripping it up into tiny pieces. We release our intentions so that they can be realized.

Once you complete the ritual, you should apply the Archangel Aromatherapy Natural Perfume Body Oils to the body for healing. The Archangel Aromatherapy oils are prescriptions designed to transmute residual energy held within the energetic body, to clear subconscious patterns at the cellular level, and to shift your vibration permanently. Of course, then with the energy cleared, you are vibrating at a higher frequency and opening your soul to receive energy support from angels.

Let of all that no longer serves you to make space in your life for manifesting all that you desire. You can heal and raise your vibration with the loving energy of the moon and your angels.

If you would like to learn this Full Moon Ritual and other Spiritual Healing Rituals. You can purchase the FULL MOON RITUAL KIT from the Soulscented Apothecary. This Full Moon Ritual Kit has my book with step by step instructions for the Full Moon Ritual and all the Archangel Aromatherapy to get you started. 

Happy Full Moon beautiful Souls. Let go, and let light!

Rachael White
Rachael White


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