Archangel Michael Prayer for Protection

by Rachael White February 12, 2020

Archangel Michael Prayer for Protection - Soulscented

In 2018 Archangel Michael asked for this incantation to be posted across all social media and shared with clients.This is a prayer of protection an incantation that you can use to protect yourself, loved ones, homes, businesses, and spaces where you work and live. You can also use it if you know someone means you no good. It is yours to have.

Print it, write it out and put it on your phone. 

This can be placed in your homes, businesses and on your social media and phones. Say it often.

It is a blessing of protection from Archangel Michael that was given to me to share with you. 

Archangel Michael Incantation of Protection

Only Let the Pure Light In

Only let the pure light in.

Only let the pure love in.

For the pure light and love shall show the way to happiness and healing.

The darkness may not enter, and if it does, may it recoil from brightness of love and light in the space and in the hearts of those who belong there.

Stay out and have no effect on those who have the purest of intentions.

Let only light and love exist to protect and cherish all that have the

highest of intentions.- Rachael White

Rachael White
Rachael White


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