Angel Meditation Super New Moon Event

by Rachael White November 12, 2020

Angel Meditation Super New Moon Event - Soulscented

This Sunday I will host a Live Zoom Webinar.

It is the last Super Moon for 2020 and it falls on a New Moon. This is an ideal time to manifest. 

The Super Moon casts more light and energy onto the planet and supports the transition of your intentions to higher consciousness.

Additionally the invocation of the Archangels during our manifesting meditation serves to call in angelic support, healing and guidance to manifest our deepest desires.





As we draw to the end of 2020 and we look to what we desire for 2021 now is the time to harness the Super New Moon energy and connect with the Archangels for powerful manifesting under the divine light of the Super Moon.

On Sunday 15th November the final Super Moon for 2020 falls on a New Moon.

This is a powerful time to spend in meditation with the Angels to manifest.

The New Moon is traditionally the time for manifesting however this one is very special as it is the third Super Moon in a series of three and it falls on a New Moon.

Super Moons are larger moons and emit more light and energy to the earth.

This is a powerful time to manifest all that you desire.

Join me from the comfort of your lounge room Sunday 15th November 

TIME: 8pm -9pm AEST 

TICKETS $22 - Zoom Webinar Access will be emailed once you purchase your ticket.

LOCATION: LIVE Online Zoom Webinar Event

I will connect the group with the Archangels to bring through energy healing and support to help us do our New Moon Ritual and manifest our desires.

MORE INFORMATION: Set up your space at home with a relaxing vibe. Diffuse your archangel aromatherapy, sage your space, sit in a chair with a rug, or on floor with yoga mat whatever you desire. Light candles and make a quiet space for you to do the meditation. Please have with you a pen and paper.

Rachael White
Rachael White


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